A 4th “I” for IBM’s “The 3 I’s of Smarter Content”

Sometime back, IBM summarized the information revolution as being something that will be enabled by the emerging trend of the 3 I’s. Technology is allowing everything to be instrumented and therefore automated and measured, its allowing everything to be interconnected and with all this data its allowing intelligence to make sense of everything and act on it in real time.

The 3 I's of IBM

The 3 I’s of IBM

The vision is described visually in this slide deck http://goo.gl/2tVDFk and is expounded upon by a professional communicator of IBM here http://goo.gl/bsKBxf so I wont belabour you with the merits of this great framework, rather I will proceed to make this suggestion, that the following trends is the last 5 years;

  • Drones
  • Robots
  • Autonomous Vechiles
  • Brain Computing Interfaces
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Attempts to reproduce working digital models of human Neuro Anatomy and Machinery

require the edition of an additional I to the 3. That I is ‘Incarnation’. The word best summarises the fact that we are trying to provide a body to our AI to move and exist in the real world. It also captures the fact that we are trying to Anthropomorphise our software to make it seem more human and therefore easier to use and relate to and perhaps form emotional attachment. This incarnation is also now merging the real world and the virtual one, allowing an overlay of knowledge on the real world with technology like Augmented Reality or allowing machines a body to move and interact with the real world through robotics. I am sure the geniuses in IBM can take this concept further then I can.

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