Preliminary thoughts on Google’s leaked selfish ledger

Here’s my preliminary thoughts on this video

1. The ledger already exist, it’s called the social graph – by the sheer amount of digital breadcrumbs, of cognitive intents (when you search, when you respond to a link, an add), by our online social interactions and when we volunteer information (blogs, post, shares, retweets).

2. The idea here is related to Dennet’s Memetics, is the transmission of ideas and behaviour through generations. In comp science, there is a maxim that “information is substrate independent”, so in essence, the ledger we have influences our generations (kids, students, fans ) and the ethical question is if the community should be empowered to decide what survives and what does not.

3. We get angry with Google and Facebook at their omission when the ledger is used to influence for ill (like hacking elections, fake news), but now we will also get mad at the commission of trying to do the reverse.

4. The fear we have is who sets the volitional goals – but the reality is if we don’t decide, attempts at malicious and negative influence will always be there. Perhaps the answer is letting different communities set this for themselves and allowing goal immigration, where a citizen can leave his/her community to join another that matches his/her goals.

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